As members of Trinity Baptist Church we know there are deep ties which bind us together. We are one through our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and we are called to be one as we engage our community and the world with the Gospel of Christ. Toward this end, our church is embarking on a Capital Campaign to raise the funds needed for a planned capital project that will enable our church to continue its unique identity in worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission.

For our church to continue to grow, to reach and minister to more people, we must act now to accomplish what God has begun with us. Please pray for our ministry together, for our church leaders, and for our church’s desire to be a part of God’s plan.

Campaign Pledge Update – December 31, 2015

campaign-update-123115Our church family continues to be faithful to our capital campaign. Receipts midway through our four year campaign total $1,995,667 and are on track against the pledged amount and giving schedule! This total includes non-pledged receipts of $156,576. Pledges campaign to date total $4,166,670, which represent a slight increase in the past year.

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Campaign Update – December 2015

Over the past year, our Facility Master Planning Committee (FMPC) has been hard at work developing detailed plans of our expanded facility, working closely with our architect, WKWW, and contractor, Clancey & Theys. At the November church conference, the FMPC updated our congregation on several key elements of our proposed Capital Project. You can view updated renderings of the facility plans under the Planning section of this website.

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Design Development Drawings

Our Facility Master Planning Committee (FMPC) has been working behind the scenes over the past few months with the contractor, Clancey & Theys, and our architect, WKWW.  Our WKWW has started work on putting the Design Development drawings together. The mechanical engineers have started the process of determining what systems will best serve us. WKWW has worked on refining the building layout. The civil engineer has been working on the site plans. This process will continue over the coming months.

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Campaign Pledge Update – August 17, 2014

Aug-campaign-updateWe’ve Begun! We have received pledges exceeding our minimum goal of $4 million – to date, our pledges equal $4,159,670. These pledges allow us to move forward with the building expansions and renovations. Thanks to all who have pledged so far.

Our Campaign is Not Over! During the next 4 years, we will continue to receive additional pledges and gifts in order to minimize or eliminate any long-term debt we might incur. We would love to do this project debt-free!

Campaign Graph Updated – August 17, 2014

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Our TBC Youth Offer A Solution!

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Trinity created the Facilities Master Planning Committee (FMPC) to make recommendations to the church in regards to capital improvements that support our core values with an emphasis on Worship and Fellowship. They were charged with a broad scope for the long term use of the Trinity building and grounds.

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Once the FMPC completed their work, the church formed the Financial Assessment Committee (FAC) to formulate a financial plan for the undertaking of possible expansion of the Narthex, Sanctuary and educational space.

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After the FMPC presented the expansion plans in Sunday School department meetings in 2012, the Capital Stewardship Committee (CSC) was formed to develop a plan to raise funds for the expansion project.

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